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All Archdiocesan high schools and elementary schools are accredited as a system through Cognia. Every five years, the Department of Catholic Schools completes the system-wide accreditation review, which culminates with a visit by a Cognia External Review Team. Each school is evaluated based on the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools. These standards and benchmarks can be found at

Cognia is A Performance-based model that:

Adopts a balanced, systemic approach
Employs diagnostic tools
Uses Standards, stakeholder feedback, student performance
Focuses on evaluating performance

All schools must...

Meet Cognia Standards for Quality
Implement a continuous improvement process
Update demographics
Conduct an Internal Review, which includes:

  • Self Assessment
  • Executive Summary
  • Stakeholder Feedback and Student Performance Diagnostic
  • Improvement Plan
  • Assurances

Host an External Review once every five years
Respond to Improvement Priorities in Accreditation Progress Report