Summer Course Assignments

All summer course assignments can be found on MBS Direct, our bookstore provider. You must have a copy of your student schedule for the 2018-19 school year. If your student does not yet have a schedule, please call the school for assistance.

Visit MBS Direct

  1. Click on the above link.
  2. Click on Let's Get Started.
  3. Do not click on 2018 Summer Reading. Instead, click on the word Site to the right of 2018 Summer Reading.
  4. Click on All Subject Areas with an * listed below:
    1. *English 100's
    2. *Social Studies 200's
    3. *Foreign Language 300's
    4. Religious Studies 000's
    5. Science 500's
  5. There are no summer reading assignments for these 4 subject areas:
    1. Mathematics 400's
    2. Fine Arts 600's
    3. Physical Education 700's
    4. Technology 800's
  6. On your student schedule, locate the course numbers shown. The course number appears on the schedule after the name of the course under CRS/SC- you just need the first 4 numbers before the slash(/)
    1. For example:     Scripture (Religious Studies)      0001
  7. Click on each course number that appears on your student's schedule.
  8. Click on view materials.

If there is a summer reading assignment for that class, it will be listed.

If there is NOT a summer reading assignment, there will be a statement indicating so.

There are NO summer reading assignments for Mathematics, Fine Arts, Physical Education, or Technology, as indicated by a strikethrough.

Foreign Language Course #'s 300, 301, 311, 321/ English Course # 176 / SS Course #220 are not on the bookstore summer reading site. There are no summer reading assignments for those 5 courses.