Academic Enrichment

Aquinas Learning Program

The mission of the Aquinas Learning Program is to provide the support needed to allow all students to become successful learners.  The Aquinas Learning Program offers assistance to students with identified learning differences as well as those experiencing challenges in the transition to a college preparatory curriculum, providing strategic individual and small group instruction to assist them in their learning at Goretti and beyond.

The Director of the Aquinas Learning Program will assist students in:

  • Developing organizational and time management skills
  • Self-assessing/identifying academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Developing effective study habits
  • Providing additional practice/review of various subject topics
  • Identifying preferred learning styles
  • Coordinating teacher/student communication regarding identified accommodations for the student
  • Providing ongoing communication with parents on student progress

After-School Improvement (ASI)

After-School Improvement is assigned after mid-quarter and quarter marking periods to students who have grades below 70% in any class. Students assigned ASI utilize that time to obtain extra help from teachers. The goal of ASI is to offer students opportunities for additional instruction and increase student success in their classes.