Goretti Students’ Summer Accomplishments

Goretti Students’ Summer Accomplishments

Hi everyone! This post is dedicated to a few of our students who spent their summer having interesting and unique experiences. 

Kaitlyn Hevey

Summer Accomplishment: Internship with the Frederick County Courthouse

Grade: 11 (Junior)


Kaitlyn Hevey is currently a junior at St. Maria Goretti High School in Hagerstown, Maryland. During the summer, she interned with the Frederick County Courthouse. She spent her time filing records in the Records Room, mailing and copying, sitting in on court readings, and even conducting research on couples married or divorced in the 1960’s by helping them locate relevant documents. She says she really enjoyed meeting other interns and had a:

wonderful experience getting to know the staff who supported her in this experience.”

When asked how her internship at the courthouse influenced her future goals, she said that previous to her internship experience she had expressed an interest in studying law, but now she is contemplating going a different route. She credits her internship as being very helpful in deciding what to study in college and encourages other students to undergo summer internships in order to more closely study their area of interest.

William Snyder

Summer Accomplishment: Fencing in Madrid, Spain, with a National Champion

Grade: 12 (Senior)

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William Snyder is currently a senior at St. Maria Goretti High School. He spent two weeks over the month of July fencing in Madrid, Spain. During his time there, he trained daily with Gianmarco Cherubio, three time National Spanish Fencing Champion, a Fencing Master, and the owner of a fencing academy in Madrid. In addition, William had he opportunity to train with the Spanish National Fencing Team at their headquarters. When asked to name something about his experience that surprised him, William said:

Sportsmanship is an international language- it transcends diverse cultures and language barriers. Many of the people on the national fencing team acted in the same way my teammates do here, so that was very interesting to see.”

Thanks to this experience, William is looking forward to perhaps studying abroad in college. His favorite cultural moment was eating in the typical Spanish way, with tapas, or ‘little plates”. As he says- “ it is like eating many different meals at once.” He is currently a lacrosse player for Goretti, and enjoys many different types of sports on his free time.  He trains in fencing during the weekdays, and attends various tournaments on the weekends. Fencing is a passion that he and his dad share, and he appreciates experiencing those moments together.

Jenna Katrina and Amber DeSantis

Summer Accomplishment: Volunteering with a Bible Camp  in Haiti

Grade: 12 (Seniors)


Jenna Katrina (pictured left) and Amber DeSantis are both seniors at St. Maria Goretti High school, who spent their summer volunteering in Haiti through St. Anne’s Parish. Jenna details that she loved her experience, and that it has inspired her to do more mission trips in the future. They spent their days with kids in the local area, doing everything from engaging with local children through reading to playing soccer in the afternoons. She was struck by the overwhelming poverty, and says that her favorite part of the experience was how friendly people were towards her. She was surprised by the joy that exists despite the difficult reality of their situation.

She recalled one particular situation, where, after helping people in one of the most improvised areas, the camp staff drove past a five star resort where foreigners were vacationing. In witnessing this, she felt the disconnect between these two experiences. That moment made her realize the contradiction between the everyday realities of a third world country versus the experience the majority of travelers have while on vacation in these countries. This has made her more aware of how she will spend her time traveling in the future, and her experience has inspired her to perhaps eventually pursue a major or a career in Education.

Though Amber was at first hesitant to embark on the trip, once she arrived and was immersed in the culture she was surprised by how comfortable she felt. She credits this to the different people she met, who were very friendly to her despite the cultural differences and the language barriers. She also credits her time in Haiti as the inspiration to hopefully study abroad in college. Both loved their experience and hope to return again one day in the near future.

We are incredibly proud of our students for their summer accomplishments!


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September 25, 2014