International Club Raises Funds to Support Global Education Initiative

International Club Raises Funds to Support Global Education Initiative

10712985_755084251218967_8755551751395004671_nWe are proud to announce that our school’s International Club recently donated $350 to the Betasab Project, an effort of the Global Family Initiative. The club held a baked goods fundraiser to garner support for the project and raise the funds, which will go towards improving the quality of life for families and orphans in Ethiopia.

Two members of the International Club, William and Isabella Snyder, of the senior and freshman classes, respectively, also offered tutoring sessions to children in Shepherdstown, WV in exchange for donations to the Betasab Project. The tutoring sessions were a symbol of the activities that Global Family Initiative volunteers undertake to provide education to families in impoverished countries.

Executive Director of the Global Family Initiative, Claudia Cooper, expressed her gratitude to the members of the International Club.

“The support you have provided goes a long way in the care and education of the orphaned and vulnerable children and marginalized women with whom we work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our children love being able to attend school, and we – and they – are proud of their progress,” Cooper said. “Knowing that there are people who care, and especially that there are other students who care, is as inspirational for them as I hope they are for you.”

There are approximately 20 members in our International Club, which holds weekly events and meetings throughout the school year to promote awareness about the cultures of other countries.

10624577_755085101218882_2421008035323940918_nWe are very proud of our students for working hard to contribute to the global community! Thank you to Mrs. Unger, the head of the International Club, for organizing the fundraiser and making this possible.  For anyone interested to know more about Betasab and it’s efforts in Ethiopia, the following is a link to their  website: .




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September 25, 2014