Highlighting Our Students: Arielle Jean-Jacques

Name: Arielle Jean-Jacques

Grade/Graduation Year: 12th grade / 2018

Where are you from?: I was born in Silver Spring, MD and moved to Hagerstown, MD when I was 6 years old.

Clubs/Activities/Teams Involved in (including years, leadership roles, etc.): Since 9th grade I have been on the Varsity girls basketball team (Captain 11th and 12th grade) and the track and field team. For 10th-12th grade I was on the cross country team. During my four years of high school I have been a member of the Green Club (Co-president 12th grade), International Club, Rotary Interact Club, Positivity Club, and SADD club (Secretary-12th grade)


Athletic Accomplishments

  • Basketball awards- : Rookie of the year, Washington County All-County 1st team, Most Valuable Player and Most Outstanding Player in the Lady Gael Classic, Coach’s Award

  •     Track & Field awards : Girls City Champion for discus throwing, Most Valuable Player 2017 season, IPSL sprinting champion and as well as the 4x2 relay, Washington County All-County Second Team

  •      Cross Country awards : 2nd place in the Private School Championship

Academic Accomplishments

  • Secretary of the National French Honor Society

  • Member of the National Society of High School Scholars

  • Honor Roll  recipient

Favorite involvement/opportunity: Getting the opportunity to play against a team in the Capital One Arena, where the Washington Wizards and Mystics play.

Plans for the future: I hope to play basketball in college and have a lifetime goal of becoming a pediatrician.

What do you love about Goretti: What I love most about Goretti is the environment that is created while attending school here. Everyone knows each other which creates that big happy family affect. 
Tell us about what you did this summer: This past summer I participated in the National Institute of Health (NIH) Pathways Internship program. I interned in Building 10, which was the Clinical Center of NIH, where I did various things involved with the NIH Library. Under the library I assisted the Business Office in planning special events and technical support as there were changes going on during my tour. I also assisted and shadowed the Biomedical technicians and physicists, Tech Hub technicians, and Digital producers. While at NIH I got to attend various lectures by doctors who visited and talked about certain topics related to cell biology and the medicinal field. One of the big activities I was in charge of was the annual retreat for the NIH Library. The retreat is a time for all of the branches of the library to come together and discuss their failures and successes for the FY17 (Fiscal year 2017). It was a lot of work, but everything turned out well, thankfully!  I had the opportunity to visit the Children’s Village, where children with rare diseases stay as they were treated by the doctors at NIH. I also got to meet the Director of the NIH, Francis S. Collins M.D, Ph.D., and also learned about his involvement with the International Human Genome Project!  One of the interesting events I volunteered at was the Health and Wellness Awareness Day, and basically all the divisions of the NIH library (there’s a lot!!) came out and informed the employees, patients and as well as anyone else about the importance of taking care of our health and the different ways we can are able to do that. It was really cool and overall a really great experience. This is my second year in the Internship program and I hope to go back next year as well before college starts!