Exam A  @ 8:30am & Make-up Exams  @ 10:30am        FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017

  • All students who are taking AP English Lit & Comp NEXT school year should see Mr. Cuthbert in room 202 before the end of the school year for the course requirements and summer reading assignments.
  • All students enrolled in AP Biology for the coming school year need to see Dr. Barton before you leave for summer break to receive your summer assignment.
  • Those students taking a makeup exam today, please report to Mrs. Grove to learn where you are to go at 10:25am.
  • If you are interested in taking Driver’s Ed over the summer, pick up a flyer in the Main Office from Widmyer Driving School, owned & operated by Goretti Alumni.  There are several locations & dates available.
  • Members of the Prom Court , see Mrs. Grove to pick up your Court Picture.
  • All buses will depart at 10:30 today.  Bus Students taking extended time exams will need to arrange other transportation home.  All students will need to be out of the building by 11:30 am today.  Be sure you have arranged transportation home.
  • The end of the year is coming quickly! MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF END OF THE YEAR BUSINESS!
    • State of Maryland textbooks are to be returned to your teacher once the exam is finished
    • Books borrowed from Mr. Miller can be returned to Mrs. Grove’s office
    • All leased iPads & chargers go back to Mr. Henry.
    • Pay back any Lunch IOU’s to Mrs. Grove  and/or  Mr. Crabb.
    • Any medications in the Health Room, can be picked up from Mrs. Grove
    • SERVICE HOURS are to be turned in to Mrs. Nees.
    • ART work can be picked up from Mr. McFarland.
    • Report cards, transcripts, etc. will not be delivered until all debts are paid.