Application Information

Please contact the Office of Admissions at 301-739-4266 Ext. 132 to request an Application, visit & tour of the school, or ask questions in general. Applications are recommended to be received by February 1, however, Goretti offers a rolling admissions throughout the year.

Submitting an Application

A completed Application with $150.00 fee, Letter of recommendation forms from the Math and Language Arts teachers; Copies of transcripts – a copy of student’s most recent report card and a copy of the student’s year end report card for the prior two years; and copies of any standardized testing the student has had in the past three years.

Download and Print an Application  

Visits to Goretti

Visiting the Goretti campus is an ideal way for students and parents to observe the atmosphere of the school. Visits are scheduled with the admission director. Those with special interests are encouraged to meet with specific program directors and coaches. Please notify the admission director in advance if you would like help in arranging these visits.

Financial Aid

If you require financial aid, please check the back of the application and a form will be provided. (Please see more information on Financial Aid link).

Recommendation Forms for Math and Language Arts

These forms are given to the prospective teachers by the student/parent upon completion and are sent directly to the Admissions Office.

Placement Test

All incoming students are required to take the High School Placement Test. St. Maria Goretti High School offers the test on campus in December. Students who miss the December test may contact the Admissions Office at 301.739.4266, extension 132 to schedule a date to take the test individually.  Placement test results are also accepted if taken at another Archdiocesan school.


An interview with the student and parent takes place after the completed application is received by the Admission Office. After the interview, the Admission Committee evaluates each applicant and a letter of acceptance or denial is sent to the prospective student.

Late Applications

Applications received after February 1 will be evaluated and acted upon individually on a rolling basis once the application process is complete. Students may be offered a place on the “wait list” if space is unavailable at the time of acceptance.

*International Students*

St. Maria Goretti High School is proud to welcome international students to our school community.  Please visit our International Student page for more information.