Board of Trustees

St. Maria Goretti High School’s Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated individuals including parents, alumni, and others in the community who are committed to furthering the school’s mission and vision.  This board is primarily responsible for approving overall policies with respect to educational programs, maintenance, and management of the school in accordance with the teachings and mission of the Roman Catholic Church. The board sets tuition and other related fees and costs; establishes an annual balanced budget for the school; elects the members of the school board; conducts an annual self-evaluation of the board and reports the results to the Superintendent; and assures that all funds necessary for the operation of the school and for maintaining the grounds and buildings in good condition are provided.

Goretti’s Board of Trustees is required to consist of not fewer than three and not more than 20 voting members. No employee or family member of an employee of the school is allowed to be a voting member of the board. At each annual meeting, the school board is required to elect the number of members necessary to fill the positions of those members of the board whose terms have expired. Each member is required to hold office for three years and until his or her successor has been elected. Members may serve for a total of six years and thereafter are eligible for reelection after one year. The board and school administration continue to identify new members for the board to increase diversity and ensure that the board represents a cross-section of the surrounding community.

Please contact Jim Marshall at 301-790-1686 (home) and 301-639-3798 (cell) if you are interested in learning more and/or becoming a member of Goretti’s Board of Trustees.

2017-2018 Board of Trustees

  • Jim Marshall – Chairman
  • Dr. Emmet Burke- Secretary
  • Cathy Ashley-Cotleur
  • David Karn
  • Michael Morrell
  • Timothy Shanklin
  • Lynn Williams
  • Fred Genau
  • Msgr. J. Bruce Jarboe Canonical Rep Ex Officio

Ex Officio Members:

  • Chris Cosentino- President
  • Bridget Bartholomew – Principal
  • JoAnn Hevey – Finance Director
  • Jennifer Carbaugh – Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Holly Katrina – Director of Admissions
  • TBD – Faculty/Staff Representative
  • TBD – PTO President
  • TBD – Student Council Representative